Minerals sector to drive clean energy: PM

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is pledging to work collaboratively with the minerals industry as Australia transitions to a clean energy future.

Citing the lessons of last week’s jobs and skills summit where unions, businesses and government found common ground on Australia’s economic challenges, Mr Albanese said the resources sector would play a key role in tackling climate change.

“The resources sector has always been instrumental in shaping Australia’s success,” he said in a speech to a minerals industry function on Monday night.

“In an era of new opportunities, your work remains vital to Australia’s future.”

Mr Albanese said Australian-sourced minerals would drive the transition not just across the nation but around the world.

The government would continue to invest in the industry to unlock more value from Australia’s minerals sector, he said.

“There is a world of opportunity here for our country … the sunniest continent on earth, some of the strongest winds in the world and all the minerals and metals needed to drive the energy transition,” he said.

“Natural advantages only get you to the start line. Winning the race, leading the world, requires investment, innovation, courage and commitment.”

The prime minister’s address came as debate on his government’s climate change bill begins in the upper house.

While the Greens have agreed to support the climate laws, they have proposed new environmental triggers to stop high emitting coal and gas mines from being opened.

Mr Albanese told the dinner his government would continue to work with the minerals industry to reduce emissions in “a predictable and orderly way”.

“I’m hopeful that across the country, government and industry and researchers and universities can keep co-operating and co-investing to commercialise and apply the innovations, ideas and technology that will drive future prosperity,” he said.


Maeve Bannister
(Australian Associated Press)


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