Carbon border tariff on the table

11 January

The government is considering a carbon emissions tariff on imports to support Australian firms covered by the revamped Safeguard Mechanism. The Safeguard Mechanism requires Australia’s largest greenhouse gas emitters to keep their net emissions...[Read More]

Impact of late Queen ‘exceeds expectation’

28 September

Governor-General David Hurley says he became overwhelmed with emotion during the Queen’s funeral, realising it marked the end of a great era. Mr Hurley said while the Queen’s death was inevitable, it struck with an impact “that has...[Read More]

Republic dims as Queen’s light shines

21 September

Almost four million Australians tuned in to watch Queen Elizabeth’s funeral service, but fewer than half the population believe the country should become a republic. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is on his way back to Australia, having...[Read More]

Charles III: his powers and duties as king

14 September

The King is a constitutional monarch who must remain politically neutral. The head of state has “an important formal and ceremonial relationship” with parliament, the monarchy’s official website says. Charles’ role will...[Read More]